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4 Easy Wart Removal Methods You Can Do At Home

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Going to a specialist for removing warts is often the best way to get rid of those pesky warts. However, it can often be rather expensive, which is why some people opt to do some home remedies. Here are a few of these procedures that you can also do by yourself to remove warts.

The humble duct tape, for instances, turns out to be one of the most popular home remedies to get rid of warts. What you do is simply wrap the affected area tightly with several strips of duct tape. This would cut off blood supply to the wart and let it die out.

Afterwards, you can simply have the dead skin cut off and removed. For better results, you can put some topical antibiotic on the wart to hasten the process. One thing that you need to take note of with this remedy is that it might feel uncomfortable at times.

IfWart removal by a Lego medic? :) you don’t like the cumbersome nature of the duct tape method, another home trick you can do to get rid of your warts is to use garlic Get a clove of garlic and slice it into several pieces. You then put these on the wart and wrap a band around it. While almost the same as the duct tape method, it certainly is a lot less cumbersome.

If you are not that keen about using garlic, an effective alternative is to instead use aloe vera as the agent. The method is relatively quick, usually lasting for only one or two weeks. As a safety reminder, change the application and bandage once every two or three days.

Another great home method for getting rid of warts is to have it cauterized. You can actually do cauterization with a few simple items, like a needle. To be safe, it would be a good idea to sterilize your tools first before using them. You also need to have a steady hand when doing this to avoid burns, it would be better if you have someone do it for you.

As a last reminder, while these methods are very effective, remember to pair them up with taking wart removal medications like Wartrol for better results.

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